Things To See When You Are Visiting One Of The

Things To See When You Are Visiting One Of The

Amritsar is a city with a splendid mix of tradition and culture that have given it the title of the Jewel of Punjab. Look back through history and you would find Amritsar one of the most well-known cities of India, established since the 15th century. It is thought to have been discovered by Guru Ram Das in 1574 on land bought by him for Rs 700 from the Tung village owners. With significant religious sites and historical buildings, Amritsar uncovers a magnificent past and a positive future. There are many heritage and religious sight-seeing opportunities in Amritsar and below are just a few ideas for when you visit:

The Goddess Durga Durgiana Temple in Amritsar is also called the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Daily rituals devoted to Durga Ma are performed within the temple. A tank and a dome are the key possessions of Durgiana Temple and both are considered sacred by Hindu worshippers.

Ram Bagh is is a stunning garden and also a tribute to Guru Ram Das, the founder of the city. Famous as the summer residence of Maharaja Ranjit Singh , it has now been converted into a museum which displays weapons from Mughal times, pictures of ruling houses of Punjab and a duplicate of the "Kohinoor" stone.

The Golden Temple (Harmander Sahib), named after its gold plated roof, is amongst the most sacred of sights for Sikhs. The temple is created with marble and has two storeys. Guru Ram Das, the 4th Guru of the Sikhs had initially built a pool here where the Temple now stands. It is the very epicentre of the Sikh religion.

Wagah is the sole border crossing between India and Pakistan and lies between Aritsar and Lahore cities. Wagah is also termed as "Wagha" in Pakistan. The international border between Pakistan and India is positioned at a distance of 28 km from Amritsar. The traditional demonstration of the Beating Retreat and Change of Guard are an phenomenal scene.

With regard to lifestyle, the changing times and government initiatives have trod the path for a completely new way of living and infrastructure and the city of Amritsar is prepared for a boom in retail.. After you have had enough of cultural experiences, there is no better way to chill out than a quick shopping trip to some of the city's department stores.

AIPL brought to Amritsar its initial truly world-class shopping and entertainment venue, The Celebration Mall - an extraordinary shopping centre made to epitomize the ideal combination between style and substance, giving a modern and elegant feel. C&C Alpha Group (presently managed by Bhanu Choudhrie) stated their territory in the city’s vibrant atmosphere through AlphaOne, one of the biggest departmental stores in the Punjab.

Whatever you decide to do or see, though, you are going to have a wonderful time stuffed to the brim with brand new and unique experiences!